City University of London, Est 1894

Amanda Burls is the Director of ThinkWell and Professor of Public Health at City, University of London. She conceived and designed the BestEvidence app.

Jon Brassey is the Lead for Knowledge Mobilisation at Public Health Wales (NHS) and Director of Trip Database Ltd. Trip database is the meta-search engine for clinical information used by BestEvidence.

Jose Emparanza is the Head of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology Unit at the University Hospital Donostia, Spain and a founding member of the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care. He explored the utility and acceptability of BestEvidence for promoting evidence-based practice with clinicians and established that there is a need and demand for this tool.

City, University of London is a world-leading centre for healthcare education and applied healthcare research. City funded the development of BestEvidence in order to facilitate the use of research evidence to inform and improve learning, practice and policy and thereby improve patient outcomes.

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